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Deming Small Business Helping in a Big Way

OMAH Works & Materials, a local toy distribution company in Deming, donated 251 educational toys and Montessori materials for use at the Play Sharity Museum and Lending Library. The value of all of the items donated is over $5,700. This contribution will be a significant help to providing educational and interactive opportunities in the exhibits at the Play Sharity Museum.

OMAH Works & Materials is run by Kalyn Blazak. The mission of her business is to make it affordable for therapists, caregivers, and teachers throughout New Mexico to use high quality Montessori materials and toys (called ‘works’ in a Montessori classroom) in the classroom. More about the company can be found at

Kalyn is the President of the executive board of the Play Sharity Foundation. Kalyn wanted to make the Play Sharity Foundation and Play Sharity Museum a success, but she could not make a significant donation when it was first started. She expressed that, "if I can't donate cash, I can at least donate my time and my talents." She started the OMAH Works & Materials company. 100% of the after tax profits are donated to Play Sharity. She has achieved this by traveling around the state selling educational and Montessori materials at fairs, schools, and daycares. Many schools and daycares have ordered their first Montessori materials to use in the classroom through OMAH.

Kalyn said, "Amazingly the support of the community, schools, and people across the state was great. I didn't think OMAH would be able to make a donation of this size in less than one year. Thank you so much to the clients and customers who helped fund this donation!"

The entire Play Sharity Foundation is possible because of different talents of many individuals in the community, and the foundation encourages anyone in the surrounding community to offer their talents to continue to support the mission of the Play Sharity Foundation.

"I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. And I will not let what I cannot do interfere with what I can do." - Edward Everett Hale

Click here to find out some ways you can donate.

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