The Play Sharity Team

The Play Sharity Founders

Moms, Professionals, and Community Leaders

Executive Board
-Kalyn Blazak, President
-Crysel Replogle, Vice President
-Chelsea Newman, Secretary
-Susy Arenibas, Treasurer
-Britney Valdez, Executive Member
Honorary Board Members:
Zalenna Pinon, Sylvana Gutierrez, Adam Westenhofer, Karen Vasuez, Ariana Saludares, Jamie Viramontes, Amanda Keeler, Anna Barraza, Waldo Winborn and Cynthia Benting.


The Play Sharity Foundation is made up of

an executive board and an honorary board of professionals of many backgrounds and experiences.


Our foundation also works with :

  • City Government Leaders

  • State Government Leaders

  • Community Partners